A Message from Ann-Marie

At Good Health Acupuncture each patient is a priority, and serving our clients with integrity, respect and esteem is the foundation of our practice.

As a healthcare practitioner, I am a firm believer in the phrase, “everything in moderation”. (Just ask me about my love for the occasional bacon cheeseburger! Click here to listen.) There are some instances when extreme cases are presented, thereby requiring a more extreme approach. However, with the majority of my cases, I address my clients’ needs well within their respective comfort level “norms”.

Although Oriental medicine is a complete and thorough medical system, it is not a quick fix and doesn’t necessarily have all the answers. Acupuncture can be helpful with many conditions, but I feel it’s important for each person to participate in his or her wellness journey to enhance the acupuncture treatments. In addition to supporting health, my goal is to educate patients and offer options that best fit their lifestyle.

Because I have a personal understanding of chronic illness, I have particular compassion and empathy for helping patients with chronic health battles. I also believe whole-heartedly that chronic illness has many facets (“pieces to the puzzle”), and I work with my patients to determine what other treatments or therapies may help them on their unique path to wellness. Whether a patient has chronic or acute pain, I prefer treating each person as a “whole” rather than just body parts. This allows me to address the root cause of conditions – not just the symptoms.

In order for people to feel better with acupuncture, they must receive it. My vision for Good Health Acupuncture was to create a clinic format where people could afford acupuncture, while still receiving quality care in a safe, comfortable and private environment. I am proud to say this has been achieved. In today’s culture people feel stressed and overwhelmed much of the time. For that reason, I’ve created my clinic space to be a relaxing environment with no cell phones or email, and my patients are able to have “alone time” – often a rare commodity. Many of my patients have told me that they look forward to their treatment all week, or that the clinic experience is like a mini-vacation…and I believe that this aspect of my work is integral to the healing process.

Whether your goal is to address chronic pain, treat an acute health issue or maintain the wellness level you currently enjoy, I hope that you consider acupuncture and Oriental medicine along your journey. And remember, Good Health is waiting for you.

Be Well,